How Many Pages Can I Make With ClickFunnels?

Limitations aren’t sexy and can become a headache after a while. That’s why it’s best to know what’s possible and what’s not before purchasing a subscription in any of the available website builders.

So how many pages can you make with Clickfunnels?

You can make a maximum of 100 pages with Clickfunnels with the basic subscription plan. Also, an unlimited number of pages with the Platinum subscription. The 100 page limit applies to the entire account, not per funnel. For example, using a basic account you could build 50 different funnels each having 2 pages, or 25 different funnels with 4 pages each.

Whether being able to build 100 pages is more than enough or not, depends on your experience level.

If you are someone starting out as an affiliate marketer or going through the One Funnel Away, then 100 pages will be more than enough for a long time.

For someone who’s way more experienced and already has some skin in the game, 100 pages might be an ok number.

Personally, being able to have only 100 pages was enough. I’ve had a period when I was using 3 different funnels for different affiliate offers (each having 5-7 pages) and 7 other different funnels for lead generation purposes for my solo ad business. Each of those solo ad funnels had around 6 to 10 different pages. Each of those pages were being strategically used.

Whenever I was getting close to the page limit, it was a great opportunity to tidy up my account. Archiving one or two unused funnels or delete some unnecessary pages. Ask yourself “Do I need that funnel or page I am not currently using?” Often, people tend to hoard various share funnels given out in Facebook groups by other affiliates or gurus. But do we make use of them? Very often not.

Additionally, the archive option is a super useful thing. At one point of time, you might want to archive an entire funnel that consists of 5 or 10 pages and in a month or two, you can unarchive it and continue using it. I’ve done that many times. Great thing!

Yet, page limitations aren’t a thing on the more advanced, Platinum subscription plan. It comes with a considerable price increase (from $97 to $297).

The page builder is beginner friendly and very intuitive on its own. The drag and drop interface turns page building into a pleasant experience. There are many different settings, styles, themes and elements to choose from. 3rd party integrations and widgets are also a huge asset that deserves a separate blog post. All this combined turns the Clickfunnels page builder into a comprehensive and diverse marketing tool.

How Good Is ClickFunnels Page Speed?

The ClickFunnels page loading speed is very good. The number of pages created inside your account doesn’t affect the loading times of your funnels. If pages are built correctly, they can be very smooth and load up quickly. If the pages are very heavy they can get slow. That can be due to high-resolution photos, link redirections, link shorteners, unnecessary plugins, shadows, extra visual effects etc.

The same page building rules apply to ClickFunnels as to any other page builder available.

On a personal level, I’ve never had issues with page loading speed. I’ve been a ClickFunnels user since early 2018. While running a lot of paid ads, I had to have fast loading times with my capture & bridge pages to maximize my ROI. This means to do everything to avoid people leaving my capture & opt-in pages. Additionally, making them convert into subscribers to my mailing lists. Most of my visitors were coming to my pages using mobile browsers. I had to keep in mind to have them optimized both for desktop and mobile versions of the funnel.

Does Clickfunnels Have Free Templates?

There are available hundreds of free & paid templates inside the ClickFunnels Marketplace. There are free templates for almost every type of funnel and page which are easy to import and fully customizable to your specific needs. To load a pre-made template to a page you just need to do a couple of clicks and you are ready to design your funnel.

There’s a wide range of various template categories to explore, such as:

  • Squeeze Pages,
  • Whole Sales Funnels,
  • Membership Funnels,
  • Product Launch Pages,
  • Order Forms & Thank You Pages,
  • Auto-Webinar Registration Pages & many more.


How Many Domains Can You Have In ClickFunnels?

You can have up to three custom domains attached to your Clickfunnels account on the basic subscription. An unlimited number of domains comes with the platinum subscription. Integrating your custom domain with ClickFunnels is fairly simple. You will have to add a CNAME record to your domain at your domain providers. For example, inside your Bluehost dashboard if you have purchased a domain from them. 

If you aren’t familiar with changing CNAME records, writing a message to the support should solve the problem. They have got the technical knowledge to both guide you through this simple process or even doing it for you.

Can You Have A Blog On ClickFunnels?

Absolutely. Building a blog with ClickFunnels is possible, however, I would recommend going with WordPress and a custom hosting. A meaningful blog should have a specific purpose. If you’re going to create a corporate landing page or a sales funnel, writing several blog posts can add trustworthiness and expertise. On the other hand, if your aim is to create a niche blog (like travel, pets, food, marketing, etc.), it’s better to pick WordPress instead of ClickFunnels. Launching a WordPress blog on a separate hosting is very simple. Even if you consider yourself a non-tech savvy person, it’s a straightforward process that’s covered in thousands of guides. Owning your


Tommy Drozd