What Is Seo Copywriting? Can It Benefit Your Business?

The advent of the internet has revolutionized how information is accessed and shared. It has also led to an increased demand for content that is engaging and informative. SEO copywriting is an essential tool for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their online presence. By providing relevant, optimized content, it helps drive traffic to webpages … Read more

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing? (With Examples)

Earnings Per Click in affiliate marketing explained with few examples and tips

Every niche has it’s own little world and within that world there is some jargon, slang words or euphemisms. Affiliate marketing is no different from that and ‘EPC’ is one of those words. But should you be concerned? Not at all! Let’s dive into some of the details because knowing your EPC is a crucial … Read more

How Many Pages Can I Make With ClickFunnels?

You can make a maximum of 100 pages with Clickfunnels with the basic subscription plan. Also, an unlimited number of pages with the Platinum subscription. The 100 page limit applies to the entire account, not per funnel. For example, using a basic account you could build 50 different funnels each having 2 pages, or 25 different funnels with 4 pages each.

Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website?

With so many page builders around, choosing the best platform for your website might get confusing. Using ClickFunnels to build a website can be a hit or a miss, depending on your short-term and long-term goals. Let’s dive into the details and see if you will make a great choice deciding, whether or not, ClickFunnels … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So what is Affiliate Marketing all about? Affiliate Marketing is a process of promoting or recommending someone else’s products and services in return for a certain % of commission or reward. Surprisingly, many people have no idea what is affiliate marketing despite being surrounded all over by affiliates. If you look on various companies, they … Read more

How to make money blogging

Blogging still can be one of the best traffic and income sources. It’s also a superb way to build an audience. This is not something that will make you a lot of money overnight, but personally speaking, it’s one of the best ways to create a reliable online income source and it can also be … Read more

How to start a blog step-by-step

Seems like you’re thinking about starting your very own blog – it’s a very smart decision! I will personally guide you how to start a blog step-by-step in this article. First of all, by starting your own blog you can grow as an expert (personal branding & expertise). You can write about a specific niche. … Read more

An Honest ClickFunnels Review for 2020

ClickFunnels has its own uniqueness & flaws, just like any other software or product. I’ve gathered all the pros & cons that are worth mentioning and wrote this piece of content so you could see this funnel builder from a different angle. Firstly, a few words about me. I’ve been working online full-time since 2017 … Read more